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 "Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way." -- Edward de Bono

"So when I started to create Ansley, I wondered just what type of demeanor she would have. As it turns out Ansley is not sassy as many of her companions.  Ansley, just like her sister Jade has as a quiet and peaceful spirit. They will sit in your special space and bring joy to your surroundings".

  • Ansley stands approx. 15"x 10"x 8" and weighs 9lbs.

  • She wears a raku fired copper yellowish dress with a large yellow- brown beaded necklace.

  • She wears eyeglasses sometimes.

  • Ansley's hair includes 40 feet or more of 16 gauge wire that wraps, curls, and coils, more so on her left side.

  • Ansley took 10 days to complete!


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