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All of Lester's ladies speak to me! Georgia is my 7th Lester Jones' masterpiece. Each of Lester's ladies have a unique personality. They are all adopted members of my family. Georgia is the listener. Whatever my issue is, Georgia patiently hears my out. She responds with her calmingly poised pose to let me know everything will be alright. If you want peace in your life. Purchase one of Lester's sculptures who all have attitudes.


What a Beauty! 

Kendi looks amazing on my living room wall. Her face is gorgeous and I love the way her raku beads glisten in the light. Stunning!

– T. Shiphrah on Kendi


 In the home of Victoria B.

"My beautiful family is growing".




I've been a fan of all the artwork Lester Jones has done for many years. I already owned two beautiful pieces but when I saw Delanie I knew I had to add her to my collection. She's graceful and beautiful. I couldn't be happier!

"Eve" A Phenomenal Woman

Eve is absolutely exquisite! The attention to detail is ethereal. She was purchased as a gift and the recipient was truly speechless. Lester's professionalism was excellent from the point of purchase to delivery. I am a Herdew collector for life! Thanks Lester for sharing your gifts and talent with us.

La Toya


Mary Ross


Kylie went Home to the U.K. !