1. Can the sculptures be placed outside?

               Yes, however it advisable not let one get wet and freeze.

               Damage may occur during freezing conditions in winter.

          2. How do you earn points for discounts on your artwork?

               It's Easy. Create an account and earn 200 points immediately!

           3. How long is the return policy?

               Item(s) must be received within 30 days after purchase date.

           4. How long does it take to create a piece? 

               On average it take two weeks to complete an average size sculpture.

           5. Do you have a  layaway payment plan?

               Yes, with purchases exceeding 400.00, payment options are available.

               Call Lester Jones at 901-491-0897 to request a layaway plan.

            6. Do you take request, custom orders, and commissions.

                Yes. Call Lester Jones at 901-491-0897 to give info in regard.