Lester Jones


My Interest in art started in 1967 in junior high school. I believed as a naïve preteen, that my pencil drawings from comics were better than my friends. I challenged them to draw superman and other cartoon characters with big shaded muscles to emphasize their super powers! That desire to create, compete, and to challenge myself artistically continued throughout high school and into college.

I enrolled at Memphis State University in 1972. It was there at Memphis State where I was introduced to pottery, raku firing, and my first college A!

My first exhibit of raku art was held at the Memphis Flea Market (the Big One) in 1988. I have since traveled and exhibited at many fine art festivals throughout the USA and have been blessed to receive numerous awards and recognition.  My use of clay and mixed media is considered unconventional within ceramic best practices.  My major body of work consist of women, men, and children with signature wire hair.

I am proud to have been featured on HGTV and several television and media outlets. I am proud to a member of TN Crafts and other fine art organizations.

I am most proud of having the opportunity to work 42 years as a middle school art teacher. As a teacher, I have encouraged 13,000 or more to follow their dreams and artistic pursuits.  I am planning to teach the art of raku firing to adults after retirement.